Tariffs, The Trade War.

I am often asked by clients, prospects and friends about the current tariff situation and how it will impact ... More »

Brett Cutler has joined Greater China.

Greater China Industries is pleased to announce that Brett Cutler has joined the organization as the Vice President ... More »

Founders Forum - Conversation with Ben Zhang

Greater China founder & CEO, Ben Zhang, will be spotlight speaker at The Washington State China Relations ... More »

Get to Know Kim Robertson

The more Robertson thought about a career at Greater China, the more he realized the company had what he was looking for,   More »

It's the Year of the Rooster - Happy Chinese New Year!

In 2017, the Chinese New Year dates are January. 27-29, however, many manufacturers shut down the week before, week of and week   More »

Viva Las Vegas: Get ready for PPAI Expo 2017

The biggest show in the promotional products industry is less than a month away, but for Greater China, prep work for the Januar   More »

Planning, Promos, and Excitement Leaping into 2017

When Kim Robertson thinks about the first two weeks of December, one word comes to mind – Frantic.   More »

The Next Step for an Experienced Individual

Jennifer Brun was looking for her next opportunity. She was looking to take another step forward in her career   More »

Ben Zhang knows how hard his team at Greater China works.

Ben Zhang knows how hard his team at Greater China works. The CEO understands their investment in the company. He ... More »

Greater China Ventures to Cambodia

Recently, our Founder and CEO, Ben Zhang, traveled to Cambodia to meet with potential suppliers.   More »

A Second Job in Memory of a High School Friend

For one employee at Greater China, “working hours” extend well beyond the office.   More »

At Greater China, Golf Is More Than a Game

To many of the staff at Greater China, golf is not merely a pastime, but a passion.   More »

Partnering with Greater China: Success Stories

In 2012, Greater China began a new partnership with a customer who is now one of our biggest partners.   More »

Greater China Expands to San Diego

This month, we had the opportunity to hear from Chris Ritchie, Greater China’s San Diego General Manager. ... More »

Behind the Curtain: Greater China's Manufacturing Team

The manufacturing business is no walk in the park. Increasingly complex, inter-lingual, and across oceans, the ... More »

How Greater China Reduces Risk and Stress

Not only is Greater China a creative partner, but we’re also experts in the end game. We’re committed to ... More »

Meet Greater China's Marketing Manager

Mark St. Peter joined the team at Greater China when the company was only three years old.   More »

Why Partner with Greater China?

When you hear "Made in China," what comes to mind? Greater China provides a new answer: trust, communication, and respect.   More »

Anseco Safety and Compliance Training

Anseco visited Greater China's Bellevue office to talk to our employees about product safety and social compliance.   More »

Case Study: Promo Products for a Non-Profit

How Greater China helped a non-profit source and produce custom promotional products for their tiered-level rewards program.   More »

Meet the Sales Team

Quality, value, and customer satisfaction - Learn how our team defines success   More »

Helpful Hints for Smoother Product Sourcing

Key questions to understand about your product   More »

PRESS RELEASE: Greater China to Host 20th Greater China Open

The manufacturer and importer of custom promotional products will host the Greater China Open for the 20th year.   More »

Meet Graphic Designer Matt Holbrook

Learn about Greater China's Graphic Designer Matt Holbrook.   More »

20-Step Production Process Infographic

Get familiar with our 20-step production process, complete with an infographic!   More »

Myths About Importing From China

There are common myths about importing from China, and we're here to debunk them.   More »

Celebrating 20 Years

2015 marks 20 years of Greater China serving our customers.   More »

Sourcing a Promotional Product

Here are the top 5 things you should look for when sourcing a custom promotional product!   More »

Making Your Idea a Reality: Custom Promo Products

Learn about the benefit of customization and some cool project examples.   More »

Top 5 Reasons Why Greater China Excels at Product Safety and

What our resident product safety and compliance expert, Dawn Guiberson, has to say on overcoming importing challenges   More »

Greater China’s New Philadelphia Sales Office

How Greater China's new Philadelphia sales office is making a difference on the East Coast   More »

Reflecting on 2014 Achievements

This last year, Greater China has been honored as a recipient of not just one, but two major awards!   More »

Factory Relationships: Finding the Perfect Fit

Why are our factory relationships so successful? Read more to find out!   More »

7 Tips to Get a Product Quote in Under 48 Hours

These easy steps increase the odds of getting a product quotation back in 48 hours or less with a winning price   More »

6th Annual Import Products Guide

A one of a kind industry guide to importing as well as the latest and greatest products and projects   More »

2014 Starbucks Annual Ethical Sourcing Supplier Summit

Jim Zhang, Greater China’s Quality Control Manager (China) was honored to attend a “Green Community ... More »

Greater China is welcomed to the BBB Community!

Greater China is welcomed to the BBB Community!   More »

The China Management Team: Greater China's Key To Success

At most business offices in the United States, employees typically work 9-5 pm, 5 days a week. Although this ... More »

Greater China: An American Dream

The Story of Greater China’s Founder and his Pursuit of Success Through Knowledge, Perseverance, and a Little Bit of Luck   More »

Redefining "Custom" With OEM Solutions

What does OEM mean and how can you use it to your advantage?   More »

Global Logistics: The Greater China Difference

What is logistics? Some synonyms are organization, planning, management, orchestration, coordination, and more. Logistics ...   More »

Close Up: Ben Zhang

February 2014 PPB Magazine Interview with Ben Zhang   More »

Everything You Need to Know to Celebrate Chinese New Year

We have great respect for the Chinese culture here at Greater China. Not only is the word “China” in our company name...   More »

Business Wisdom: Polishing to Perfection

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials. - Chinese Proverb   More »

Greater China Product Safety Testing Booklet

Greater China is committed to product safety! In addition to developing testing protocols for every order we ... More »

4 Unique Qualities of Greater China’s Company Culture

Take one step into the Greater China office and you will instantly feel a buzz of positive energy. Everyone is...   More »

Business Wisdom: Living By Giving

“We earn a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.”   More »

Custom Bags & Totes

New Screamin Styles   More »

Vendor training on 11/26 at Greater China's Shanghai office

In an effort to further educate our core vendor partners, Greater China's Director of Product Safety and ... More »

Thoughtful and Effective Seasonal Promotions

Fall is here and it’s the perfect time of year to snuggle up in a warm blanket! If you’re looking for a promotional product this   More »

The Ultimate Importing Secret

Normally, we wouldn’t condone micromanaging, but when it comes to our clients and delivering the best possible product to...   More »

Business Wisdom: Work Ethic

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” This Chinese Proverb does a good job capturing our work   More »

Get to Know Greater China: Mel Cutter

Get to know our Vice President of Operations, Mel Cutter!   More »

In the Promotional Products Industry, Golf is the Land of Op

To many, golf is a serious sport, but it can also be simply a recreational activity. Here at Greater China we have a lot of...   More »

Greater China on the Dating Scene

We constantly refer to having manufacturing “partners”, and factory-direct “relationships”. These are terms casually and...   More »

Never Compromise

If you want to reach a goal and are not seeing the results you would like, it's the way you go about getting there that needs...   More »

Get to Know Greater China: Christine Fei

Get to know our Production Manager, Christine Fei!   More »

2013 King County Executive’s Small Business Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 25th, Greater China was honored   More »

Trust in Relationships

“Eloquence provides only persuasion, but truth buys loyalty” - Chinese Proverb   More »

Product Testing 101

Testing is a process of trial and error – it is the hard road we all must take to get something right. After all, a person...   More »

Greater China a Finalist for 2013 Small Business Award

Greater China is proud to announce that we are a finalist for the Minority Small Business of the Year category! We are...   More »

Greater China Goes Back to School

It’s that time of year again… crayons, binder, and backpack shopping are in full swing as children across the country prepare...   More »

Why the C-TPAT Certification is Like Getting Into Harvard

The announcement finally came that Greater China is now C-TPAT certified, and the office is in a frenzy of excitement. Why?...   More »

King County Minority Business of the Year Finalist

Greater China is Minority Business of the Year Finalist!   More »

Business Wisdom: Growing Wiser

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”. This Chinese proverb speaks to Greater China’s...   More »

Get to Know Greater China: Paul McNabb

Get to know our Logistics Manager Paul McNabb!   More »

The Importance of Timely Promotional Products

From cell phone covers to baby clothes, the list is endless of promotional products dawning royal baby themes...   More »

Learn about how we provide the Ultimate Importing Experience

We’ll be the first to admit: importing from China is no easy task. There are hundreds of details to worry about...   More »

Greater China CEO Honored

President and CEO Ben Zhang and his family sponsored a social event Sunday evening April 21 at ... More »

Vendor training in Shanghai office

Greater China hosts Vendor CPSIA Training   More »

2012 A+ SAGE Rating Award Winner

Greater China Industries has been selected to receive a 2012 SAGE A+ rating.   More »

Business China Review

Get Up-to-Date Trade Developments from China.   More »

Best Places to Work

Greater China ranks # 10 on the supplier list and #40 on the overall list   More »

Greater China Offers Endless Custom Opportunities

Trust Greater China to Make Concepts Into Functional Products for Everyday Use.   More »