Why the C-TPAT Certification is Like Getting Into Harvard


The announcement finally came that Greater China is now C-TPAT certified, and the office is in a frenzy of excitement. Why? Because our employees know what it means for our clients and for the future of our business. However, to an outsider, this excitement probably doesn't’t translate very well, and understandably so – “C-TPAT” isn’t a term you hear very often in day-to-day conversation. That is why we’re saying the C-TPAT certification is like getting into an Ivy League School like Harvard. Read on to see why:

What is a C-TPAT Certificate?

C-TPAT translates to Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It’s an industry term recognizing that Greater China's global supply chain was put under a microscope and analyzed for over a period of two plus years to verify we meet all required C-TPAT security standards.

As for our metaphor, you could say we studied extremely hard for two years, aced the SAT, and got into Harvard!

So What?

C-TPAT certification is all about supply chain security and a more efficient process for customs clearance. Having the certificate is just one more way Greater China adds value to our customers. There are many advantages to having the C-TPAT certificate, just as there are perks to having a degree from Harvard:

  1. Confidence: A degree from Harvard represents a lot of hard work. It means you are smarter, wiser (hopefully), and overall a better citizen. The C-TPAT certification is no different. Having proof of our “good grades” makes us walk with a little more spring in our step. What’s more, it gives our clients confidence in us as well. Wouldn’t you trust someone to tell you about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave if that person graduated from Harvard with a degree in Philosophy? Well, Greater China just graduated with a degree in supply chain security, and we can’t wait to share the news!
  2. Preferential Treatment: Nowadays, getting a job often means having an education. If two people walk into a hospital asking for a job as an ER doctor but only one has their doctorate degree in medicine, who do you think will get the job? For us, having the C-TPAT certification gives us certain preferential treatment at the border in terms of exams. Each exam takes valuable time, so each exam we can avoid means we get the product to our client that much faster. Getting through customs quicker means we get to promise our clients a great turnaround rate, and our customer will know they can rely on us to keep that promise.
  3. Relevancy: In the importing industry, standards and regulations are constantly changing, as is education. We make it a top priority to always be up to date and in compliance with the latest regulations, and that takes a lot of work. The C-TPAT certification is just the most recent example of the many times Grater China has gone “back to school” to be better at what we do and to make our clients happy.

To go along our schooling metaphor, we hope you learned a thing or two about C-TPAT certification. Greater China is full of information, and we’d love to tell you more!