Why Partner with Greater China?

When you hear, “Made in China,” what comes to mind?

To some, the phrase causes skepticism. When it comes to manufacturing, there’s a knowledge gap between the United States and China that many consumers fill with concerns – often very real – of poor factory conditions, unfair labor, cheap products, and chemical hazards.

Greater China bridges that gap with trust, communication, and respect.

We respect our employees by valuing each of their individual careers and by adhering to a strong Code of Conduct that unites our offices in the United States with those in China.

We respect our clients by providing them with the best possible value across the board. We reduce risk, increase profits, save time, and we’re experts in Chinese manufacturing and product safety. Greater China provides our clients at every level with the Ultimate Importing Experience. 

In 1995, while he was still taking his last business course from the University of Washington, our Founder and CEO Ben Zhang made his first sale. Now, Greater China’s product sourcing expertise, project management, testing, and global logistics provide clients with one of the highest value-providers in the industry. Our story is based on partnerships: knowledgeable and highly skilled employees providing unparalleled customer support.

Central to it all? The clients.

“We are client-centric,” Zhang says. “We do everything for our clients. We respect their opinions the most. That’s how we do business.” Diving deeper than basic customer-supplier relationships, Greater China and our partners encourage each other and help each other succeed in the changing market. We strive every time for the win-win scenario – if our client succeeds, Greater China succeeds. If Greater China succeeds, our employees succeed and broaden their own horizons. When our employees succeed, our clients are in the best possible hands.

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