Trust in Relationships


“Eloquence provides only persuasion, but truth buys loyalty”

- Chinese Proverb -

This Chinese Proverb speaks directly to our values at Greater China. In everything we do, whether it be product quality, shipping, or project management, we strive to be honest, ethical, and authentic. All of this continuously relates back to the relationships we have both externally with our clients, and internally with our employees.  We encourage honest communication and feedback, always looking for opportunities to improve and to be better at what we do. An example of this is our 30-day product guarantee. We want to show our clients they can trust us to deliver on our promise to provide the Ultimate Importing ExperienceTM.

“Greater China has great integrity behind our products. Everything we deliver is always to our customer’s satisfaction, or else there is a guarantee of refund or replacement. That is one of the things that I like most about working here - that we have got good integrity.”

- Paul McNabb, Logistics Manager

You can trust Greater China to give you an amazing product, on time, and at a great price.

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