Top 5 Reasons Why Greater China Excels at Product Safety and Compliance

When it comes to manufacturing promotional products, product safety and compliance is always a priority. As an importer, this priority doesn’t change. What does change, however, are the ways in which we go about securing it. Importing naturally comes with a unique set of challenges, and it can be tricky coordinating between two time zones, languages, and locations.

Yet over the past 20 years, we’ve honed our practice to give our clients the Ultimate Importing Experience. Greater China always takes the extra steps necessary to ensure projects are done right, every time, so our clients can rest easy knowing their project is taken care of.

With constantly changing regulations, rules, standards, and legislation, it’s important to be able to place your trust with the company responsible for your product testing.

Our resident product safety and compliance expert, Dawn Guiberson, credits relationships, research, and experience to her and Greater China’s product safety and compliance success.

“I really like the research aspect,” she says. “It’s constantly changing, and the product in this industry is always different. We’re not a housewares company. We’re not an electronics company. We’re a ‘whatever you want your logo on we’ll put it on’ company.” This variety of product that we manufacture, along with aggressive timelines, can make it challenging at times, but we put our experience to work to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Why does product testing and compliance matter?

Simply put: to keep you out of the news!

While the end-user’s well being and safety is always a concern, a product that doesn’t meet regulations can have devastating effects on a business as well.

“A recall is extremely costly, truly from a black and white financial perspective,” Dawn says. “But the cost can’t be measured in terms of what it does to your business.”

So what does Greater China do to ease your product safety and compliance concerns?


Here are our top 5 reasons why you can put your faith in Greater China:

1. We’re a phone call away

When we get a new client, it’s often due to the fact that even though they went through a bid process, when it came to product compliance, they couldn’t get answers. At Greater China, we can answer your product safety and compliance questions, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get there. One phone call is all it takes!

“Being able to answer the questions correctly and clearly is a huge benefit,” says Dawn.

2. We’re fast

A common concern customers have about importing in regards to product testing and compliance is that it will take a long time. However at Greater China, our years of experience have enabled us to turn around projects quickly, while maintaining an incredible quality standard.

“One of the things Greater China does really well is turn projects really fast. Amazingly fast,” Dawn says.

3. Our team is educated and highly communicative

Greater China has a unique culture wherein everyone is encouraged to communicate. Between project managers, the sales team, and factories, the entire stream of communication is open. Being able to get everyone on the same page and educated about product safety and compliance allows us to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

4. We look at every order individually

We believe it’s important to give each order the detailed attention it deserves, because no order is exactly alike.

“We don’t have a protocol in place for all apparel, for example, or for all of our toys,” Dawn explains. “They are all different. All the clients are different, and we dedicate the time and the resources necessary to take a look at every single one to make sure we get it right.”

5. We keep track of our factories

We have a team in China as well as a host of factory representatives that keep everyone in the loop. We use this information to keep detailed and up-to-date documentation of every factory. This way, we can match our clients with the best factories for their specific needs.

Do you have questions or concerns about product safety and compliance? Just give us a call, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!