The Ultimate Importing Secret


Normally, we wouldn’t condone micromanaging, but when it comes to our clients and delivering the best possible product to them, we micromanage every detail. When we get an order, we use a rigorous project management system to ensure we are making the highest quality product, at a great price, and that it will be delivered on time. We have the unique ability to break down the distance, language, and cultural barriers that arise when importing overseas. Our entire production team is bi-lingual, many having lived in both the US and China, and they work hard to successfully manage relationships and bridge gaps between the United States and China. They understand product specifications from the American client’s perspective while also having full knowledge of how these expectations can be best met within Chinese manufacturing processes and protocols.

You may be asking: how do we do all this? We will proudly tell you, but first, a disclaimer:

WARNING: we are about to reveal top-secret information about how we achieve the Ultimate Importing Experience! By continuing to read this article you are acknowledging all credit of the below information to Greater China.

Phew! Now that that’s over… The secret to the Ultimate Importing Experience is…

 (drum roll please)

Our one-of-a-kind 20-step manufacturing process!

  1. Initial product discussion
  2. Determine key product specifications
  3. Factory capability assessment
  4. Product safety and CPSIA compliance
  5. Detailed proposal
  6. Purchase order
  7. Purchase order confirmation
  8. Pre-production sample
  9. Sample approval
  10. First inspection (in-line)
  11.  Full production
  12. Freight booking
  13. Final inspection
  14. Country of origin port delivery
  15. USA port delivery and customs clearance
  16. Inland Delivery
  17. Delivery confirmation
  18. Final billing
  19. 30-day guarantee
  20. Satisfaction survey

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“With our 20-step process, Greater China can see a project all the way from start to finish, from ideation to delivery. So there is no risk on the client’s part. They don’t have to worry about following up on any details. Their salesperson here will always get back to them with communication and keep them updated so it is a seamless, worry-free, easy process.”

- Mark St. Peter, Vice President of Marketing

Those 20 steps are the reason we can stand by our products with pride, knowing we always deliver on our promise of the Ultimate Importing Experience. Greater China never takes shortcuts; we take each project seriously and follow the same protocol, no matter the product or the quantity.

Now that we’ve shared our biggest secret with you, we want to invite you to join us, and let us help you create something spectacular! Call us today to get started!