The Next Step for an Experienced Individual

Jennifer Brun was looking for her next opportunity.  The latest hire was looking to take another step forward in her career, but she wanted to make sure she found the right fit.

Her search proved to be easier than expected. She picked up a copy of Counselor magazine to find a list of the best places to work.The first company she looked at was Greater China. The company was hiring a sales rep. 

“It felt extremely serendipitous,” she said.

Her search was over. With eight years of experience in the industry, she was the right fit. The timing couldn’t have been better after moving back to Bellevue a few months ago.

“I’m a creative and project-driven person,” Brun said. “I’m looking forward to the different requests clients will throw at me and seeing them through from initial conversations to ideation, samples, final order and all the steps – both the expected and unexpected – in between.  It’s only Day 4 and I’ve had some great conversations about projects in the very beginning stages.”

So how was Brun drawn to the industry? Well, that too is a bit of a fortunate accident. She was in Chicago with her boyfriend at the time said his sister was selling her screen-printing business. Brun decided to buy it.From printing T-shirts to working with baseball teams and local small businesses she acquired the skills she now applies to the larger projects she is working on for Greater China.

“The best part about this industry is knowing you had a hand in a product that has a story attached to it for the end user,” she said. “We all have those mugs we hold onto forever or that collectible from a great moment in our lives. I get to be a part of that process!”

As she settles into her new job, Brun said the experience has been “great” so far, working alongside people who are a strong resource to help further her advancement in the industry.

“The culture is so great,” she said. “Everyone is so helpful.”

From CEO Ben Zhang through the rest of her co-workers at Greater China, Brun’s first days on the job have reaffirmed her belief she found the right fit.

“The wealth of knowledge here from Ben to my peers is tremendous and I am really excited to learn more every day,” she said.