The China Management Team: Greater China's Key To Success

At most business offices in the United States, employees typically work 9-5 pm, 5 days a week. Although this generates a significant production output rate, Greater China is unique as it increases its weekly rate of productivity two-fold compared to the average U.S Company.

How is this possible? (Hint: it’s not because we overwork our employees!) The simple secret to creating constant productivity and success is that Greater China has a satellite office in Shanghai, China in addition to its company headquarters in Bellevue, Washington USA.

Although it can be difficult working with two teams in completely different time zones, there are many benefits to having a Greater China office on the other side of the globe.

The Shanghai office is the support team for the U.S headquarters and consists of a Sourcing team, Quality Assurance team, product safety testing team, Quality Control team, and financial team. The office in China makes sure our suppliers are reliable and products are safe and CPSC qualified.

Having coworkers in China means the US team has an extra eyes and ears across the Pacific. While it may be the dead of night or early morning in the USA, our China office is at their afternoon peak hours of work, ready to catch any errors or offer expertise to create the best end result for our clients and vendor partners.

Through effective communication via telephone, e-mail, Skype meetings, teams on the ground throughout China and an online mobile app (WeChat), our teams in China and Bellevue are able to send voice messages, share photos and partake in video calls as needed. Video calls allow the China office to visually show the U.S office factory statuses, product images and physical production processes in action. This facilitates well-rounded internal communication between the China office and Bellevue Washington headquarters, allowing for process monitoring, problem-solving if necessary, and timely status updates for our clients.

Greater China owes much of our success to vast experience and understanding of both the American marketplace and Chinese culture. Our teams work hard in both countries to create a 24/7 flow of efficiency.

Contact us today to see how Greater China can help your project be successful around the clock.