Redefining “Custom” With OEM Solutions

If you dropped by the Greater China office, you would hear the word “OEM” talked about quite a bit. You’ll see it on our website, and in our advertisements. But, what if someone heard or saw that word and wasn’t sure what it meant? If you’re in this category, than this blog is for you. We wanted to use this blog to really break down the concept of OEM: what it is, what it means for you, and how you can use it to your advantage. Let’s take a look:


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer

So what does that mean?

What that means is that although an OEM does not manufacture the products in-house, they produce or buy a product that will be sold under another company’s brand name (that’s you!).

What’s Greater China’s role in all this?

For us, an OEM product is always a 100% original, custom product we’re helping to develop on your behalf. We work with you from start to finish to source, manage, and deliver your product. Additionally, we assist with design specifications and oversee all aspects of product development, testing, manufacturing, and logistics. We have direct relationships with over 200 manufacturers, and pair you with the factory that will be the best match for your needs.

How about an example?

All you need is an idea, and we can make it happen. As an example, here is a story from one of our customers who came to us needing an OEM product:

Brenda’s story:

A client of ours, we’ll call her Brenda for privacy purposes, reached out to us seeking a solution to a chronic problem faced by many female business executives who travel often. We all know the rule about packing liquids in containers 3.4 oz or less for carry-ons and having them visible on the scanner’s conveyer belt. For frequent flyers like Brenda, this becomes a nuisance because it means she has to pack her vanity items in two separate places. Brenda thought there must be a better way to go through security.

That was when she came to Greater China. She told us she wanted to create a toiletry bag that allowed frequently traveling business executives like herself to get through security without the hassle.

Our OEM solution:

Together, we created a new type of toiletry bag to solve Barbara’s traveling woes:



This optimized design allows you pack all your products in one place, with a detachable liquids pouch to pop on that conveyer belt. Features include:

  • A three-panel design that allows you to clearly see your items’ location, while keeping them safe from potentially exploded bottles
  • 2 zip-out pouches that allow you to re-attach the liquids pouch back at the hotel
  • A metal hoop to hang on the towel rack for easy visibility and access
  • 7 interior pockets made of non-toxic PEVA plastic
  • Made from nylon, 46g

With this custom toiletry bag, Brenda and other traveling female execs can now pack more efficiently, get through security faster, and keep all their items in one place. No more plastic baggies, no more transferring products pre/post flight.

This story is just one example of many in which Greater China’s OEM capabilities were put to the test – and delivered amazing products that clients were happy with.

Do you have an idea? Contact us and we’ll get you started on the next step – and beyond.