Promo Products for a Non-Profit’s Tiered Level Rewards Program: a Greater China Success Story

While Greater China has enjoyed steady growth and demand for high-quality, high-value import services due to strong, lasting relationships with clients, there is one project in particular that speaks to our expertise. Let’s take a look:


The Project

The relationship all began when Greater China was contacted by a long-time client of ours, a distributor, who had a client with needs above and beyond a typical order. The distributor’s client was a large, national non-profit organization that needed promotional products for an incentive-based fundraising program where the products would be given as prizes at different intervals of the program.

The non-profit was looking for a supplier that had fast turnaround, was able to produce quality products, and could act as a creative partner. Over several years,Greater China sent out numerous bids on a variety of items, and spent countless hours working with the production management team to produce the best colors, sizes, designs, and shipment methods. After communicating back and forth for more than three years, Greater China was given the opportunity to produce jump ropes, and that was the first step of many to come in the relationship with the non-profit.


The Challenge

Over the years the contact and relationship grew. Greater China was relentless in our energy to bring new fresh ideas to the table and over time, the non-profit chose Greater China to supply more products from their list.

The biggest challenge for us was that the non-profit’s program was annual, and required non-stop brainstorming of new ideas and products that would resonate with the end user. Greater China has risen to the occasion and has been able to come to the table with new ideas and collaborate successfully with the distributor and non-profit alike.

Other challenges included the fact that the non-profit’s program contained seven levels, and the incentive items within each level ranged from 20 cents for 15 million products, to 300K $3 dollar products, to 2,500 $30 dollar skateboards, and four additional levels and price points in between!Greater China’s team was able to rapidly source and produce products that were new and fresh but also fell between the strict product safety guidelines and a non-profit budget.


The Outcome

Prior to using Greater China, the non-profit struggled with past logistics teams that failed to produce products effectively, on time, or on budget. It was important that our logistics team could produce products quickly while having them shipped and delivered at various times throughout the year. Our experienced team knows what products are feasible and cost affective for a particular project, and we know where all of the products are 100% of the time. Most importantly, though, is that our smaller size enables us to communicate that information to the client in an effective and timely manner.

The success Greater China was able to provide by working with both the distributor and the non-profit paved the way for a variety of products within the program, including:

  • PVC keychains (16 million)
  • Jump ropes (1.2 million)
  • Soccer balls (360,000)
  • Headphones (60,000)
  • Lanyards (8 million)
  • Speakers (55,000)
  • Plush toys (225,000)
  • And more!

From the art department, to project managers, to logistics, it’s our collaborative team that enables our success. We are currently discussing products for next year for the rewards program and on the hunt for the next big thing, and we look forward to many more success stories such as this in the future!

If you’d like to learn more, or if you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact us! Let us provide the Ultimate Importing Experience.