Product Testing 101


Testing is a process of trial and error – it is the hard road we all must take to get something right. After all, a person can only rely on sheer luck to get so far. What we do at Greater China is no different: the advertising specialty items we produce must be lab tested.

Greater China takes a pro active approach rather than sheer luck.  In an effort to communicate standards we have taken the following steps:  in March 2013 we put together an on site factory training in our Shanghai branch, we communicate regulations to our factories and provide them with on line resources including 3rd party lab protocols. In addition, Greater China is C-TPAT certified for supply chain security.

Greater China has our very own testing guru, and her name is Tabatha Bauer. Tabatha is Greater China’s Director of Product Testing and Compliance, and she is very good at her job.

“We have a library of 3rd party lab protocols used for each project.  The protocols are named by product category. For instance:  drink ware or toys.  The mandatory chemical standards; physical standards (if any exist) and labeling are all components that our labs will evaluate. The tests indicated within the protocols are performed at the lab.  Test results are received in approximately 7 business days and we will share the reports with our clients.” 

- Tabatha Bauer

So what do we test for anyway? Listed below are just a few areas of expertise where Greater China is always working to ensure compliance to product standards:

  1. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA):
  • Regulates the safety of children’s products imported for sale in the U.S.
  • These standards apply to an audience of children up to 12 years of age.  Additionally, some adult items also have CPSIA standards.
  1. CA Prop 65
  • We work with a 3rd party independent testing lab partners who evaluate each product that ships to California.  The lab determines if screening for chemicals or a warning label is required.  The labs keeps apprised of California developments to keep current with the changes.
  1. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Testing:
  • All mugs, bottles, cups, plates, and food contact products are tested to meet applicable FDA food contact tests.
  1. Lead
  • This hazardous substance may be found in surface coatings and substrate materials.
  • There are regulations in place for lead; we will test the coatings and substrates when applicable.
  1. Phthalates
  • This chemical is federally regulated by the CPSIA in children’s toys and childcare articles.
  • Greater China tests for phthalates in children’s toys and on other products when relevant.

After all this information on chemicals and regulations you may be wondering: what happens if a product or factory fails to pass those standards? In the words of Tabatha, “we make a corrective action plan, and work on it together. We reformulate the product however necessary, retest it and correct the product at the production source.”

Why do we go through such a rigorous testing process? Because quality means everything to us; so we deliver only the best products to our clients. Our value to you is simple, our testing process saves you time, headaches, risk and provides the peace of mind of knowing your importing experience will be done right and with the utmost care. We do whatever it takes to better serve our clients interests and protect their brand.

How can Greater China provide you with the Ultimate Importing Experience?