Planning, Promos, and Excitement Leaping into 2017

When Kim Robertson thinks about the first two weeks of December, one word comes to mind – Frantic.

The Senior Import Executive has worked at Greater China since 2000 and understands the importance that comes with the final push before the Chinese New Year. As Greater China prepares for the final holiday rush, Robertson said the company is receiving a lot of orders for fleece blankets, a versatile product because of its ability to be customized to the specifications of each client.

While the company is nimble in its ability to accommodate clients with last minute requests, Robertson stresses that customers looking for the right custom OEM products for the holidays really should begin the planning process at least four months in advance.

For example, holiday ornaments created for all of the top video games on the market are ordered in July. As these are not the easiest item to create, it generally takes 90 days or more to go through the proofing and approval stages, manufacturing and ocean delivery of the project to the client.

With that in mind, Robertson said advanced planning is pivotal.

To help clients through the process, Robertson and Greater China strive for strong relationships with their customers by first listening to their needs and then being open and honest about the steps required to complete each order. Those relationships lead to long-term success for the company through “clients that return over and over again,” Robertson said.

“We might not be the biggest manufacturer out there, but we are the most experienced in custom OEM product development in the industry, period,” Robertson said.  “We have years of experience and expertise over thousands of successful custom projects and try to make the process as seamless and rewarding as possible for our clients.”

Once the holidays come to a close and the New Year begins, Greater China shifts their attention to the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, a five-day event in early January attended by many distributors and suppliers alike in the Promotional Products Industry. “Not only is this the biggest trade show of the year for our industry,” says Robertson, “but a great way for the players in the industry to stay up to date on the latest products. It’s also a means to stay inspired and celebrate company successes and the newest trends.”