Partnering with Greater China: Success Stories

The Greater China team works closely with our Shanghai office and manufacturing partners in China to provide the Ultimate Manufacturing Experience for every single one of our clients. We’ll work alongside you as new challenges arise, and grow with you as you celebrate success!

Jumping Ahead of the Game

In 2012, Greater China began a new partnership with a customer who is now one of our biggest partners.

“It began with one million jump ropes,” says Greater China’s Mark Inslee. “We delivered everything on-time and on-budget, while one of our competitors in the program missed some important delivery deadlines.” We were asked to manufacture more products for this client, which gave our team the opportunity to demonstrate reliability through the entire process – from the initial quote through testing and compliance, logistics, packaging, final delivery, and follow-up.

Travis Pozega, who works closely with Mark Inslee as a team to service this client, credits transparency and trust for bringing continued success: “Our relationship with them is still growing in 2016 as we’ve delivered consistently good quality, always on time. Everything is out in the open, completely transparent, and this allows us to build a relationship based on trust.”

Greater China has also been proactive at the ideation phase to better serve our customer, and bring them success. “They had been making these rubber ducks, and we were able to suggest new types of animals,” says Mark. “We made PVC key-chains shaped like dogs, and when our customer conducted focus groups with children, they were a big hit.”

Now, Greater China creates even more customized promotional products for this company, including two-way radios, headphones, playground balls, lanyards and plush animals. We’ve been able to provide competitive pricing while maintaining the best in compliance transparency, production and importing expertise.

“It’s important to have a partner, and not just a supplier,” says Mark. “We work with our customers as problems arise, and take the time to understand each customer’s unique challenges.”

Reducing Risk With Industry Knowledge

“One new client felt frustrated by the importing process, and uncertain about entering into a partnership with us,” says Kim Robertson. “Importing from China is a very, very different landscape than working with domestic suppliers.” But having the right people with the right industry experience behind you makes all the difference.

“We manage the process from start to finish,” says Kim. “This customer now gives us large orders as they trust us. We don’t try to hide anything – we just meet expectations and work for solutions. We work through problems that come up instead of just saying, “we can’t do that.”

Kim also notes that the variety of personalities and experiences we have on our team allow us to pair the right Import Executive with each client and manufacturing project – “Our clients have told me that we’re all very responsive, and easy to work with.”

Are you ready to swap a mere supplier for a trusted manufacturing partner? Get in touch with the Greater China team today to learn more, and receive a quote.