Meet the Sales Team

How does the sales team at Greater China define success? “That’s easy,” explains Jennifer Davidson, a Greater China Import Executive. “Success is based solely on the happiness of our clients. Our goal is always complete satisfaction – we strive not to just meet client expectations, but to exceed them.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking – answering the question proved easy enough, but how exactly does the sales team achieve this complete satisfaction? Davidson breaks it down for us:

Looking Ahead to Add Value
At Greater China, we recognize that selling isn’t just about price. It’s about the value behind that price. We find ways to offer more value to our clients, believing that while it’s easy enough to find the right merchandise for any campaign, there has to be inherent value in it for the end customer. Does it surprise and delight? We look ahead to our clients’ goals to understand the value that they must deliver to their customers.

Staying Nimble
Our 20 years of experience have taught us that a standard sales process does not fit for everyone. Each client has a different need, so our team has learned to adapt to those needs to create the perfect manufacturing process to support them. Flexibility is key, as everyone has hot buttons or requirements that are deemed most important.

Setting Ourselves Apart
Greater China doesn’t just deliver products – we deliver quality. We take the manufacturing process very seriously, and our level of expectation is second to none when it comes to creating safe and quality products for our clients. We are the only company in our industry with a 30-day product guarantee, and place extreme emphasis on quality control, compliance, testing, and making sure the factories we work with stay socially responsible.

With offices in both Bellevue and China, Greater China runs as a 24-hour operation. Our team overseas is able to watch things closely on the ground to ensure projects move forward as planned.

Although our sales representatives act as the main point of contact between Greater China and our clients, the sales team is really comprised of everyone who touches the product. This includes sales reps, designers, production & manufacturing teams, logistics, and finance. Everyone plays a part to guarantee our customers have a positive experience, from inception to delivery!

With years of experience, our team understands the demands and expectations of customers and work to develop solutions that address the complex challenges that are inherent in most custom import orders. Contact our sales team today to talk about sourcing your next custom promotional product!