It's the Year of the Rooster - Happy Chinese New Year!

For most Chinese manufacturers, a new year signals a three-week shutdown.

According to Greater China’s Mark St. Peter, this break, coinciding with the Chinese New Year is a tradition linked to the past when the vast country was more rural and travel took more time. “Workers were given a week to return home, a week to celebrate and a week to return to work”.Similar to “westerners” that travel home for a long Christmas break.

In 2017, the Chinese New Year dates are January. 27-29, however, many manufacturers shut down the week before, week of and week after in celebration.

Good news is Greater China will be open for business and eager to serve clients! While many of our Chinese vendors are closed, Greater China also sources product in Cambodia and Vietnam, where there is no closure. “Our Cambodia support office will be open business as usual.” notes St. Peter.  “We will offer a seamless, productive experience for clients during this time.”

In fact, Greater China celebrates Chinese New Year.  Greater China CEO, Ben Zhang was raised in the country that bears the company's name and he understands the importance of honoring the Chinese New Year, maintaining a tradition that has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception 22 years ago.

This year, to mark the Year of the Rooster by the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, Greater China will honor our clients with a small gift to acknowledge this special time of year. “What can be interpreted as a very slow time for China, we turn into a highlight, a way to get the New Year off to a good start,” St. Peter says. “We’re the only company that celebrates Chinese New Year as a time to reward our loyal customers.” Special Chinese New Year gifts will be given to Greater China’s customers. The unique gift serves as an opportunity to say “hello” and thank clients for their continued business.

With a little fun, a gift of appreciation and a continued commitment to the needs of their clients in 2017, Greater China plans to make the Year of the Rooster it's most successful yet!