How Greater China Reduces Risk, Increases Profits, and Saves Time


We’ll be the first to admit: importing from China is no easy task. There are hundreds of details to worry about, from factory reputation, to customs, to the language barrier. However, at Greater China we are proud to call ourselves experts on this matter. That is why we guarantee the Ultimate Importing Experience. Every day we strive to fulfill each of our clients’ unique and individual needs. We take care of the details, so our clients can relax! Here is how Greater China can help reduce risk, increase your profits, and save you time:

Reducing Risk:

What better way to reduce risk of importing from a foreign country than to have a deep understanding of that country? Greater China offers a tremendous advantage on this point: we understand China. Not only was our founder, Ben Zhang, born and raised in China, but also our Production and Sourcing staffs are all bilingual, making our communication process between Seattle and Shanghai smooth and reliable.

There are many other ways we reduce risk as well, including an extensive 20-step product development process, product testing protocol, and a quality control program. Furthermore, our team in China rigorously inspects every project, and we continuously reevaluate existing and new potential manufacturing partners. By implementing high standards of protocol we can better ensure a seamless importing process, and ease the mind of our clients.

“Some of our core vendors have been with us since day one. They allow us to find the best fit for a project and once we do that, we handle all the project’s management. We have a customs broker on staff; we have a logistics team on staff. All of it is handled in-house so it’s a nice, smooth process.”

 - Mark St. Peter, Marketing


Increasing Profits:

Our experience in the importing industry has allowed us to build great relationships with our factories and freight carriers. Because of this, we can guarantee our clients they are getting the best deal. We work hard to coordinate optimal cost-saving arrangements and handle all the logistics, paperwork, and clearance issues in order to streamline the importing process. By ensuring your products are compliant with import regulations, we can reduce customs delays and fees – all to give you a better return on your investment.

“Often we suggest some changes to our client in order to save them money. For example, using our expertise we may suggest they use a different material. The product will look the same, and be the same quality, but the new material will lower the manufacturing expense. This way we can save money for the client and maximize their profit.”

                                    - Christine Fei, Production Manager


Saving Time:

In our industry time is money, so the more time-efficient the process is, the more money you save. Greater China provides a 30-Day product guarantee on all orders delivered. What’s more, we provide an accurate quote on most projects within 48 hours and we make a promise to respond to any inquiry within 24 hours. We also work closely with global ocean and air carriers to ensure your product is delivered on time. Our offices in China create another timesaving advantage because we are able to use the time difference to our advantage. When our employees here in the US are just getting off work, our team in China is just starting their day. Because of this, Greater China is essentially a 24/7 operation.              

“One of the things I often hear from clients I work with is that we are very fast. Whether it’s turning around sourcing information like price quotes, or turning around production and actually manufacturing a product in China and making a delivery in a week or ten days, it makes our clients say, ‘Wow, that’s really excellent!’”

                  - Mel Cutter, Sales Executive/HR Supervisor/IT Supervisor


Reducing risk, increasing profits, and saving time are just three of the many ways Greater China can help your company deliver the very best promotional products to your client. We’re here to help! So, how can we help you?