How Greater China Reduces Risk and Stress

Not only is Greater China a creative partner, but we’re also experts in the end game. We’re committed to reducing risk and saving customers the stress of an otherwise risky and complicated process, from supply chain management to fulfillment and delivery.

In this industry, everything is always late, and everyone is always in a hurry. Even if you’re on track to meet a deadline, everyone is constantly interested in getting things done quicker and more efficiently, because that will inevitably increase your profit rather than simply ensure revenue.

Greater China has a belt full of tools to cut back on the time you invest in the logistics of production and delivery while reducing stress and adding hours to your lifetime:

C-TPAT Certification
Greater China is a C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified importer. This means we’ve willingly participated in a partnership agreement between U. S. Customs and importers to provide visibility and have the security of our supply chain federally recognized. Essentially, once your cargo is moving away from the factory, you can know that it’s secure. Save the headache of working with costly agents or navigating the red tape – borrow our solid reputation and let our process experts go through the motions for you.

Port Services
Upon arrival at the port, after U. S. Customs clearance, the Greater China logistics team works closely with port warehouses to monitor the devan (unloading), palletizing, storage, and pre-delivery process for all cargo. This ensures a fast and seamless turnaround.

Fulfillment & Drop Shipping
It doesn’t have to stop there – upon request, Greater China provides fulfillment, warehousing, and drop-ship services. Logistics Manager Paul McNabb believes this to be something that sets Greater China apart – “to save you time and stress, we have the network and the resources to provide these services to completion.” Multiple shipment locations? No problem. Separating shipments and delivering different pieces to different customers? We can do it. We don’t just bring a product to port – we have the full capacity to see it through to the end.

While many of our clients choose right away to let us take on the work and risk of 3rd party coordination, we’ve also referred customers to our trusted warehousing and shipment partners if they prefer to coordinate everything themselves. It’s also possible to take advantage of our fulfillment, warehousing, and drop shipment services if, mid-shipment, you realize you’re running behind schedule, or decide you’d like Greater China to save you more time. We work closely with the ports as well as 3rd party logistic companies and air freight companies to make those changes last-minute and save you extra steps.


Full coverage from port to door – that’s our promise. Greater China goes above and beyond what the insurance freight companies offer in what we call our “company-wide freight umbrella insurance policy.”

We want to create and nurture significantly rewarding relationships between our customers and suppliers, and one of the most important ways we do so is reducing stress and taking on logistic risk ourselves – risk that we have consistently met and surpassed due to a team with extensive knowledge and experience. We know China, and we know this industry, and we want to partner with you to bring a successful product from the factory to your customer’s door step. 

Contact us today to learn how Greater China can save you stress!