Helpful Hints for Smoother Product Sourcing

You’ve heard it said that the devil is in the details – but it’s those details that are fundamental to ensuring a smooth experience when sourcing custom promotional products!

At Greater China, we work closely with customers to define the exact product specifications desired, source the right manufacturer, communicate objectives, and negotiate the best price. While we understand the right questions to ask, there are several key questions you should ask about your product prior to enlisting our help. That way we can make sure we are providing the best possible solution to your needs.

The more you know about what you want, the more (and better) options we can provide!

Setting Expectations
The first step of the process involves defining your client’s expectations and the end user’s expectations. Such questions include:

  • Is your product for promotional, retail, or consumer use?
  • Where and how will the product be used?
  • What is the intended function of the product?

Once those questions are answered, it’s time to narrow down the broad ideas and turn them into concrete specifics:

Product: What are the key specifications and functions?

Size and Weight: What are the physical dimensions?

Color: Single, assorted, multi, or PMS?

Material: Plastic, metal, textile, fabric content?

Style: Features, feel, and look?

Quantity: How many products will you need?

Add-Ons/Options: Looking for any extra features?

Understanding these specifications prior to initial conversations can streamline the process and allow us to deliver a product quote in less than 48 hours.

Thinking Three Steps Ahead
But there are more questions to ask yourself yet! Even though the product reaching its final destination tends to be an afterthought, it is important to consider packaging, kitting, and delivery at the start. What are the packaging requirements? Is the product combined with other products? Where will fulfillment occur?

We understand it can be difficult to answer all of these questions before our work begins, and that’s why we employ an experienced team of import experts to help guide you along in the process. But with an infinite amount of options, specificity is key for smooth product sourcing! Get in touch with us today to talk about how we can help with sourcing your next project.