Greater China on the Dating Scene


We constantly refer to having manufacturing “partners”, and factory-direct “relationships”. These are terms casually and frequently used at Greater China. However we have recently been reflecting on the meaning of these words and have found that our relationships with factories are indeed just as we say: relationships. Anyone who is in a relationship knows… it’s hard work! In order to have a successful, loving relationship with someone you must have good communication, mutual trust, and you have to meet (and exceed) each other’s expectations of the partnership. Greater China has been working on our relationships for nearly two decades, so we know our factories’ intimately, and trust them completely.

Why do we spend so much time cultivating healthy relationships with factories? Because we are also expert matchmakers! We have a team dedicated solely to finding our clients a factory that will be the best fit for their needs. Greater China’s head matchmaker (A.K.A sourcing manager) is James Ding. He oversees all product-sourcing functions and always ensures the best fit for our clients. Each time we prepare to make a client/factory match we follow a strict process, like a compatibility test. Our test will typically go as follows:

  • Personality test (define your product specifications)
  • Look through our database of bachelors (source the right manufacturer)
  • Make your choice (communicate your objective)
  • The first date (negotiate the best price)

When it comes to matchmaking, you’ve got to trust a professional. We’ve been doing this for years and we love what we do. This quote by employee Mark St. Peter describes the process quite well:

“One of the biggest challenges with importing from China is knowing who you can put your trust in with a large dollar volume order. If you haven’t worked with a factory before, the risk of a bad experience can be high. You don’t know if they have enough employees, the right skill set, adequate QC, cooperative management or the right equipment. So there is guesswork involved which creates this risk. Greater China solves this issue by engaging manufacturers we have worked with for years and years. We have these strong bonds taken care of and have already done the necessary vetting.  And so we match up the factory with the client’s products and their expectations.”

- Mark St. Peter, Marketing Manager and Import Executive

We have plenty of available factories that would love to meet you, so let us help you find your match made in heaven!