Greater China and Anseco: Product Safety and Social Compliance

On Friday, November 6, 2015 a representative from Anseco, an independent testing lab and quality-assurance partner, visited Greater China’s Bellevue office. Over the course of several hours, our staff had the opportunity to attend training for both product safety and social compliance as it pertains to the promotional and consumer product industries. Consumers remain concerned about what materials are used in products as well as both social compliance and environmental responsibility issues.

Greater China feels these training sessions help both our US and China teams remain aligned with our corporate mission: to do business in an ethical and responsible manner consistent with our vision and operating values.


Product Safety

During the training, staff learned about increased concern within the consumer population regarding the health effects of chemicals and materials used to make promotional and consumer products.

Greater China is committed to product safety and already has testing protocol in place to conduct and verify that test results meet requirements. Marketing Manager Mark St. Peter said he found the training extremely valuable: “Until recently, promotional products weren’t actively held to the same standards as consumer products. Times have changed, as the audience for promotional items can now be almost anyone, so you have to cover all bases. For example, a simple stress-reliever may be intended as an adult’s desk item, but a small child that sees it on the desk may perceive it as a toy.”  

Anseco helps Greater China ensure we aren’t manufacturing harmful materials and enables our staff to have honest, informative conversations with clients about the products and their intended uses.


Social Compliance

Anseco’s social compliance training educated employees on the social and environmental responsibilities companies have – including factory and workplace safety, employee rights and treatment, and environmental policies – how to regulate them, and how to communicate them to customers.

Mel Cutter, Greater China’s Sales Manager, said, “Large corporations are held responsible for where they buy their products. Consumers want to make sure they’re buying direct from an environmentally-friendly manufacturer that treats their workers fairly.”

Greater China sets itself apart from competitors and importers by actively monitoring and evaluating not only product safety and quality, but also environmental regulations, discrimination, health, safety in the workplace, fair compensation, good labor practices, and freedom of association in a company-wide Code of Conduct. We even carry out the ethical intent of social compliance independently by sending the exact same Code of Conduct that our staff here in the United States receives to our offices and factories in China. It’s an extensive process – gathering signatures and sustaining accountability on all fronts – but Greater China has assigned specific team members to see it through, dedicated to continual improvement.

When asked why it was important for Greater China to invest in training sessions like these, Import Consultant Travis Pozega said, “If we’re better educated ourselves, we can better educate our clients. Product safety is only going to get more stringent, and we owe it to our clients to be experts.”

The staff that attended the training learned not only about product safety and social compliance standards, but also about how a strong product testing partner can help them provide a quick, accurate test turnaround time. “Anseco caters to our business needs and those of our customers. We get inspections back within 24 hours, which is something we have never been able to do before,” Travis added. This way, Greater China can operate efficiently and quickly provide accurate communication to meet customer needs in a safe, responsible, and expedient way.

You can learn more about our product compliance and safety training here, or give us a call - we’re happy to answer any questions you have!