Business Wisdom: Polishing to Perfection

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.

- Chinese Proverb


Anyone who has started a business knows that it isn’t easy. We take this proverb very seriously because over the past 20 years of business, we have had our fair share of trials. All businesses have a story of it’s beginnings, this is ours:

Founder and owner, Ben Zhang, started the company with $770 dollars in his bank account and spent it all to rent a 10x10 booth for the Seattle gift show to sell a few promotional items. People walked by and inquired about buying items in large quantities. Ben was polite and said he would get back to them, but in his heart of hearts he knew he could not help them because he had no inventory. The trade show was coming to a close and Ben had not sold anything. Yet as he was packing up, a company representative approached him. She said her company needed promotional products, and a lot of them. Ben explained his predicament, and she offered to loan Ben enough money to be able to produce the quantity of products the company required. That $770 dollars turned out to be a risk worth taking, because it resulted in the creation of Greater China.

Twenty years later, Ben still considers the company to be young, and he admits it has been a difficult road to success. Yet just as the Chinese proverb says, the company is slowly being polished by the trials it faces, getting brighter with each one. What started as a rough stone has now become a beautiful gem, and will become even more beautiful as time continues to pass.

Here at Greater China we welcome challenges, because we know it will only make us better. What challenge can we help you tackle?