Business Wisdom - Never Compromise


“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”

                     - Chinese Proverb


Here at Greater China we have many goals. We want to deliver the highest quality product to our clients, at a great price, and on time. Everything we do is about providing our client with the Ultimate Importing Experience. Having such high standards is not always easy, but over the years we have learned never to compromise our values.

Just as this Chinese Proverb says, if you want to reach a goal and are not seeing the results you would like, it is the way you go about getting there that needs to change, and not the goal itself. Founder and CEO Ben Zhang describes it best,

“Even though we’re in this tchotchke business, it’s all expensive, labor-intensive products. But I would never compromise one thing, which is product quality. Product quality is as important as our blood. It’s the only reason we’ve stayed in business for so long, which is almost two decades now. If we didn’t deliver a quality product we would never be able to compete in the marketplace.”

            - Ben Zhang, Founder and CEO

Every day presents its own challenges, as does every project we take on. Each client and each order is unique and has a different set of needs. We do our utmost to surpass our client’s expectations, but we also acknowledge there is always room to improve and grow as a business. 

We see our relationships with customers as being long-term, proactive, and supportive. As we continue to nurture these relationships, we want to know, what can we do to make your experience even better?