Behind the Curtain: Greater China's Manufacturing Team

The manufacturing business is no walk in the park. Increasingly complex, inter-lingual, and across oceans, the challenges of manufacturing and importing custom products can seem insurmountable to the untrained eye. So, how does Greater China do it?

This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jun Liu, Greater China’s Production Manager, and Project Manager Christine Fei for a better glimpse into the daily activities of the team that builds up Greater China’s shining reputation in the manufacturing world from the inside, out.

There are upwards of thirty people, including the team in China, who are working together on a daily basis across cultures and time zones to uphold Greater China’s reputation for the highest reliability and innovative service in the manufacturing industry. Both Jun and Christine work with the sales team, quality and inspection managers, administration, shipping, clients, and everyone else involved in the entire process, from inquiry to fulfillment and final delivery.

“We’re in charge of price quoting,” explains Jun. “And we work directly with the sales person at the stage of price quoting until the project is closed, and then we follow the project until delivery.”

When asked about the bigger challenges the manufacturing team faces each day, Jun and Christine agreed that the pure volume of products and orders always keep them on their toes.

“Our categories are very broad,” says Jun. “Many of the items are custom – they don’t exist until we create them.”

Christine explained that managing the creation of completely customized promotional goods requires perfect alignment between factories and clients, and Greater China’s manufacturing team ensures that each client’s vision and expectations are realized in full by production and across cultures. Working between time zones puts added pressure on the manufacturing team as they strive to fulfill Greater China’s promise: to have all quotes back to each client within 24 hours of inquiry. All day, every day, our team interacts with their counterparts in China.

“We copy them on all quotes and projects, non-stop,” explains Christine.

Yet despite these immense challenges, Greater China thrives. How do we do it?

Our manufacturing team’s dedication to the best possible customer experience allows Greater China to maintain not only our reputation within the industry and among partners, but to continually provide custom services that outstand the competition.

“We’re very good at OEM projects,” Jun says. That is, original equipment manufacturing – creating custom promotional goods in addition to our stock products, which sets us apart from all other competitors.

Jun and Christine agree that Greater China’s internal communication is excellent. Their team can process and manage many big, complex projects, as well as those with flexible or rushed deadlines, without sacrificing each customer’s needs.

On a daily basis, the manufacturing team carries out Greater China's mission to create and nurture significantly rewarding relationships between everyone at Greater China, all of our suppliers, and each and every customer.

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