Bandon Dunes a ‘bucket list’ trip

Ben Zhang knows how hard his team at Greater China works. The CEO understands their investment in the company. He appreciates that the workweek doesn’t provide many opportunities to escape for a round of golf.

But Zhang also knows it is vital to reward the hard work of his employees, so a few years ago Greater China developed a contest for its sales team.The prize? A three-day golf extravaganza at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, Oregon. 

“This is an incentive for our sales team. We all work so hard during the workdays and we don’t have time to go out and play golf so I figure, why not plan a golf trip every year,” said Zhang, who has been golfing since 1997. “All of the golfers here are such competitive guys, they all love life, and they’ve got to love something like that, right?”

For Alex Cormier, the answer is an emphatic yes.

“It was really cool just being there and getting to experience that and being golfers, we were really excited to look at this opportunity and knock something off of the bucket list,” he said. “It was definitely pretty exciting.” Six employees from Greater China were invited on the trip where the group played five rounds of golf – on five different courses – in three days.  

In his second year with the company, Cormier qualified for the first time. 

“The opportunity that we got to do it, just having an owner and management team that provides incentives for us goes a long way obviously, with the team. That turned into a great weekend for everybody,” Alex said. But, while the trip was an enjoyable reward for a job well done, the experience was about more than golf. It was also a valuable bonding opportunity for the members of the team who qualified for the trip.

“It was great to get to know some of these guys on a different level. That was enjoyable,” Cormier said.

Zhang added, “On the golf course you can really see who they are. It shows their personality and character to see when they make the good shots and the bad shots and how they handle when there is trouble. There is a lot of similarity to how they do business. When you have good times how they deal with them in life and when they have challenging times and then how they handle those challenges.”

As far as Zhang is concerned, the opportunity to reward his employees with the trip to Bandon Dunes is “priceless.”

Cormier agrees. “This is one of the really cool things Ben provides for us,” he said.