7 Tips to Get a Product Quote in Under 48 Hours

When it comes to importing, getting your product quote back in a timely manner is essential. Momentum is everything in the promotional business.  But quick, accurate quotations can be difficult to come by if you don’t follow a few easy steps up front to make sure all parties understand the project details clearly.

Greater China believes the quotation process goes more smoothly and efficiently when clients follow the seven suggestions below. These easy steps increase the odds of getting a product quotation back in 48 hours or less with a winning price.

1)    Be Detail-Oriented

Provide as much information as you can about the product’s intended function, use and primary user. Include everything from whether it will need to pass child safety testing to measurements, color and weight. What materials is it comprised of? What kind of quality are you aiming for? Make sure Greater China is well versed on your expectations and facts about your product.

2)    Provide a Sample

Including a picture or sample of your product eliminates confusion, potential delays and errors caused by misunderstandings. This is especially relevant when importing as you are working with a different culture that may have different interpretations. An image of what you want, paired with an in-depth product description helps our sourcing team provide a timely and accurate quotation.

3)    List Out Your Quantity Breaks

Always tell your Greater China Import Executive what desired quantities you need quoted. Keep in mind the benefit tied to larger quantity orders, as these lead to greater economies of scale for the manufacturer, driving down costs for everyone.

4)    Know Your Logo

Certain products have limitations when it comes to decoration, so if available, provide art at the time of your sourcing request. Include any expectations you have for placement, size, PMS colors, decoration method and any pertinent relating details so your quotation can include the best available options.

5)    Describe Packaging Needs

Be clear about packaging needs you may have. Mention any fulfillment and distribution requirements, routing guidelines and special carton markings. All of these factors can impact cost and timelines.

6)    Emphasize Time Frame

Make Greater China aware of critical time frame information. Subject to your in-hands requirements, we will select the manufacturer best capable of producing your products on time.  Additionally, knowing important dates up front allows us to plan the most cost effective shipping and delivery strategy for you.

7)    Tell Us Your Target Price

Don’t be afraid to partner with Greater China by sharing the price you need to get the deal. We will always do our best to help you get the best deal.  But knowing your target price up front helps us negotiate better with our vendors, save time and define the quality level required. This is instrumental in selecting the right factory for your project.

By keeping these seven strategies in mind when sending a sourcing request, you make your importing experience smoother, easier and more successful.

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