5 Things to Look for When Sourcing a Custom Promotional Product

Here at Greater China, it’s no secret that our success can be largely attributed to our relationships. While recent technologies have paved the way for a dramatically increased amount of relationships living their full life cycles online, when it comes to sourcing a custom promotional product, it has never been more important to work with developed, fostered, and reliable partners.

Our Import Team understands the importance of these relationships all too well – the battlefield of trading has been littered with people not getting what they want, with money flowing one way and people not being able to get it back. With over 20 years experience, Greater China, offers 5 things to look for when sourcing a custom product:

1. Track record:
A solid track record and history of successfully serving distributors is paramount, especially when sourcing overseas. Ifyou’re looking to do custom manufacturing, you’re looking for someone who has a track record. And having a track record means having relationships. With these relationships, you are able trade off those relationships, literally – to solve problems and get things done.

2. Expertise in manufacturing:
Understanding how a product is made serves as the foundation for negotiating timing, cost, and schedules. To source a product, it’s necessary to understand exactly how it is manufactured.

3. Understanding testing and compliance:
In the regulatory and litigious world in which we live, product safety plays a primary role in manufacturing and distribution. Beyond scheduling and financial restraints, production requires that the product meet the quality and safety expectations set by customers along with federal requirements, which is why Greater China has a staff dedicated solely to product inspection.

4. Experience with Logistics:
Coordination of customs, organization of port services, and insurance are all top of mind when moving products worldwide. To ensure products arrive as promised, Greater China offers a range of services to eliminate the possible headache of doing it yourself or working with costly agents.

5. Reliable Financing:
Sourcing and shipping on a global scale inherently comes with a fair amount of risk. Working with a company that has the capacity to absolve some of that risk is ideal. As a U.S. based corporation, that means there’s redress for you. If for some reason a mistake has made, you have a reliable, legal recourse.

At Greater China, we understand the intricacies that go into sourcing custom products, and have a long history with a proven track record. We work closely with you to make sure no element is overlooked, and promise you’ll receive the Ultimate Importing Experience. Why not leave it to the experts?

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