4 Unique Qualities of Greater China’s Company Culture

Take one step into the Greater China office and you will instantly feel a buzz of positive energy. Everyone is working, talking, collaborating. You’ll hear friends laughing, people typing, and coffee brewing. Walk a bit farther into the office and you’ll notice an orchid, an oriental gong, and various other knick-knacks from China that makes you take a second guess as to which country you’re in. The culture at Greater China is delicate blend of East meets West, and there’s a great respect for that. Having an office in Bellevue and Shanghai, the Chinese and American cultures are integrated with a common focus. Yet there are other aspects of Greater China’s culture that are unique, too. Let’s take a look at the top 4 qualities that make Greater China’s culture so unique and a pleasure to be a part of.

  1. Client-centric:Greater China always puts the customer first, no matter what. They pride themselves on their strong and long-lasting relationships with clients. This is reflected in their mission statement, which says, “To this end our mission is to create and nurture partnerships that significantly reward our clients, suppliers, and Greater China.  Essentially we strive to create win-win relationships in all our operations and transactions.” They see themselves as more than just a supplier of promotional products, they see themselves as a partner.
  2. Golf:although playing golf is not a requirement to work at Greater China, you cannot deny that it’s a part of the culture. Many staff members have a passion for the game, and they bring it with them to work. Owner Ben’s office is decorated with golf awards (including two hole-in-one trophies!) and the Bellevue office even has it’s own putting green for staff to brush up on their skills during lunch-breaks. However for Greater China, golf is more than a game, and a parallel can be drawn between it and business. VP of Sales, Michael Parks, made the point that, “golf is a sport of honesty and integrity. You keep your own score; you have to trust the individual to do what they say. And that is how we do things in our culture at Greater China. When we take an order, it’s our promise, a personal promise to deliver to our client.”
  3. Work hard, play hard:Greater China likes to have fun outside of playing golf, too. Their famous Chinese New Year Party is a big hit among employees, at which they can spend quality time with one another while enjoying delicious Chinese cuisine.
  4. Teamwork:The amount of respect employees have for one another and for their clients is apparent in more ways than one. For the staff, working at Greater China is more than just a job, and that is why the company has been voted one of the best places to work for over 6 years in a row.  In Ben’s words, “It’s like family here,” and he’s certainly not the only one who feels that way. Logistics Manager, Paul McNabb says the culture is “family-oriented” and that there is “a lot of teamwork. We all get along and we work well together. It’s a good place to work.”  Marketing Manager Mark St. Peter agrees, saying, “the whole team is very collaborative and we work very closely together.” Greater China takes the time to treat their employees right, and the result is a happy team who loves coming to work each day.

From golf to gongs, Greater China’s unique culture permeates every aspect of the company. To see their culture in action, watch their video on the topic here.

Come visit us and see for yourself where East meets West (and practice your putting!)